The Description of 12 Houses

First House (The house of self) LAGNA or ascendant-

The most important house, which plays role in all area of the native. It shows the physical appearance, stature, complexion, body shape, and upper part of the body, of the native. It shows health, vigor, vitality, natural tendencies. It shows personality, the jest of life, honor, dignity, wellbeing, the way of living, etc.

Second House- (House of wealth)-

It shows money matters, fortune, power, gains, profit, resources, security, speech, eyes, vision, stock, precious stones, memory, education, family, nose, chin, tongue, teeth. It shows the family situation, bonding in the family, and happiness in the family. It gives information about longevity. It indicates a stable property.

Third House-(The house of courage and siblings)-

It shows the relationship between brother and sister, especially with the Youngers. It is indicating courage, intellect, ability, the power to gain goals. It shows relation with the neighbors, short journeys, transport, writing, correspondence, change of living place, contracts, agreement, rumors against you.  Regarding body parts, it indicates, shoulder, collarbones arms, and nervous system.

Forth House (The house of mother and material comfort)-

It shows happiness and relation with mother, domestic environment, family happiness, luxury, material gains, vehicles, property, farms, house, orchard, outhouse, ancestral property, mines, secret relations. It shows education also. An extramarital affair is also shown by this house.

Fifth House (The house of children, romance, and competition)-

It shows the happiness of children, their sex. It shows inclination, recreation, pleasure, artistic talent, competitive activities, talent in education and creative sphere, mental tendencies of gambling, betting, learning of specific subjects like tantra, mantra. The inclination towards spiritual practices is shown by this house.

Six House- (The house of enemies and disease)-

It indicates sensitive parts of the body, type of diseases, the chances of recovering health. It shows subordinates, servants, cattle, tenants, hidden enemies, competitions, food, nursing, cattle, services, the tendency to jealous. It indicates possibilities of loan and debt.

Seventh House (The house of partnership and marriage)-

It shows the partnership of marriage, foreign contacts, and affair, legal bondages, conjugal life, success, reputation, foreign trips and journeys, danger in life. It is indicating gains and losses after marriage. It indicates partnership in business is good or not. It indicates the relation between life partners.

Eight House- (The house of longevity and accidents)-

It shows the longevity of the native. It indicates inheritance, legacy, accident, fire, suicide, misery, misfortune, sorrow, miss happening, negative moments of life. It indicates worries, disgrace, delay, disappointment, loss of reputation. Also shows loss of documents, conflict, robbery, stealing, dejection, disappointment.

Ninth House (The house of fortune)-

It is indicating fortune, support of nature, higher education, education abroad. It shows intuition, the inclination for spiritual development, interest in meditation, yoga, or any such sphere. It shows the happiness from father, learning, teaching, dreams, vision, long journeys, charity, spiritual development, and in body knees.

Tenth House (The house of business and profession)-

It shows the kind of business and profession, the direction of activity.  It shows honor, reputation, credit, recognition, public esteem, power, position success. It indicates the level of job or business, their type, respect, fame, ambition, authority. It shows honor and respect from the government. It makes clear about the business type and kind.

Eleventh House (The house of Income and gains)-

It indicates, income, gains, success in business or work. It indicates friends, society, community, prosperity, elder brother, kind and type of sources of income. It indicates recovery from illness. It shows the type of material gains. This house is showing the fulfillment of desires and ambitions. In the body, it represents ankles.

Twelfth House (The house of loss and spiritual development)-

It indicates losses in material life and shows the spiritual level and possibility of MOKSHA. It indicates, expense, extravagancy, impediments, restraints, deception, donation, charity, scandals, disgrace, misery, misfortune, secret enemies. In the body, it indicates the left eye, left ear, and feet. It indicates happiness of bed, sexual happiness. It shows success through occult sciences.


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