Diwali Festival Week

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Sometimes I am surprised that how much our ancestors (RISHIS, MAHARISHIS) were intelligent that they arranged each festival according to the nature, according to moment of  the sun, moon, according to weather and climatic changes and conditions. They established a wonderful system of celebrations for happiness in our life.

Each festival is having its own meaning, scientific and spiritual values. If we go deeply, we will find the goals of festivals are to make closer to the family values, social values.

When I am trying to remember my childhood about DEEPAWALI (The festival of light), I am finding that before DEEPAWLI, whole family is busy in cleaning of our homes/houses. There are different responsibility to each family member like the most elderly persons are the manager and organizers, and then younger are labors, who have to move big furniture, should do repairing, painting of walls and doors etc. Children play the role of helpers in such activities. The female members are involved in cleaning and feeding the other family members. Such joint venture shows the path to us for better understanding and feeling of cooperation inside the family.

If we look the scientific part of celebration, in our country from mid of June until mid of September is known as rainy season. After the ending of this season, wall of houses and buildings become pale and dirty, different kind of insects and fly start to survive, in some places rainy water is collected, some part of constructions can be broken etc. So need to clean and paint is necessary. And this cleaning and painting we don’t take as duty, we enjoy it as celebration.

The 5 days of celebration IN SHORT-

On 2nd November will be DHAN TERAS– the celebration of wealth and as the day of incarnation of  Shri DHANWANTARI, is known as father of  Ayurveda, the celebration of healthy life.

On 3rd November will be  ROOP CHATURDASHI– Roop represents Beauty. The celebration of beautifying of  women. They perfom different rituals to gain beauty or to enhance their beauty.

And the same day will be celebration of HANUMAN JAYANTI ( The day of incarnation of  Shri Hanuman). He is the symbol of strength, compassion and devotion.  We can say the men’s celebration day.

 On 4th November will be celebration of Deepwali .the triumph of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil.  The Day of MAHALAKSHMI PUJA and welcoming of Shri RAM after 14 years exile.

On 5th November will be GOVARDHAN PUJA .On this day Shri Krishna lifted the Govardhan Hill to provide shelter from heavy rains ( due to the anger of  Shri INDRA) ,  to the villagers of Vrindavan.

On 6th November will be BHAI DOOJ.  The Celebration of unconditional and eternal love among siblings. It is strengthening the bond between them.


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