Online Astrology Courses:

As we know that to it is very important to understand ourselves and to know our goal in life, to lead a happy and successful life.
In this regard, Jyotish, the language of planets, is playing a very important role.

This is clear that there are many people who are interested to learn astrology, numerology, tarot card reading, human design, or any such subjects, to understand themselves, to understand their goals of life, to use those subjects to fulfill their financial and spiritual goals.

On the auspicious occasion of Deepawali, we are declaring that we started classes for beginners, who are interested to learn Jyotish (Vedic astrology).

We are focusing on the most applied part of Jyotish, which is known as hora or ahoratri, the Jyotish chart understanding and reading for any individual.

This is the course of  3 months to understand, what is Jyotish,  what is the use of jute how to understand the houses in the chart the qualities and characters of the planets, etc.


  • Use of Jyotish in our life for wealth, health, business, relation, self-development, etc.
  • The Zodiac and the Solar System their description
  • Description of planets
  • Natural characteristics of Constellation
  • Combination and relation of the planets
  • Yogas made by planets
  • Solar and Lunar month
  • Natural characteristics of Signs
  • Movable and fix signs
  • Characteristics of houses
  • Planetary strength
  • Dasa System
  • Effects of birth in various constellations
  • Effects of rising signs
  • General effects of Planets In different houses
  • Auspicious and auspicious planets for different ascendants
  • Chart reading


Timing of classes- 30 minutes for lecture/information and 20 minutes for discussion, total 50 minutes, +/- 5 minutes. We will have two days of courses each week, Sunday and Thursday, morning at 08.00 a.m. by Moscow time.

  • Fees structure-
    1. Three months 200 Euro (total 24 classes)
    2. If someone wants to join any particular part, then 10 Euro per class.
    3. Who wants an individual class then 15 Euro per class.
    Interested person, please inform.