How planets effect upon us this Diwali

Deepawali is falling on 4th November. TAMASOMA JYOTIRGAMAYA is the thought of DEEPAWALI ( the row of light),  means from darkness towards lightness. Light is giving feeling of happiness and optimism, while darkness giving fears and sadness.

Our inner light gives us happiness and prosperity, spreads positive vibrations for everyone. This is the festival of victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance.

Light represents knowledge, joy, and divinity, while darkness represents ignorance, sorrow, and evil. we need to awake our inner light. , after which we will be able to spread the light of happiness to others.

During this Deepawali there will be combination of Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury. This time the change in the zodiac of planets has a big impact on everyone’s life, so in astrology, great importance has been given to the change of zodiac of every planet. The combination of planets gives good results sometimes and sometimes inauspicious results. The combination of these planets will give auspicious results to following zodiac signs.

Gemini: Due to this combination of planets in the fifth house, there will be intellectual development of the people of Gemini. It will be very auspicious for the career of the people of Gemini zodiac.

Cancer: The combination in the fourth house of the Cancer native. Their will be the happiness in family life, financial condition will also improve, also get financial benefits. You can buy a vehicle on this occasion , can also earn profit by selling property.

 Virgo:  There will also be an increase in property during this period. The people of Virgo can take an important decision related to career. No need to get impulsive about anything during this period.

 Sagittarius: This combination will be in the eleventh house, which will bring special benefits. You will get a lot of profit in business

 Capricorn: This yoga of four planets will give benefits from your father. Whatever troubles you were facing in your career till now will be overcome. You can start your own business.



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