How planets effect upon us this Diwali

Deepawali is falling on 4th November. TAMASOMA JYOTIRGAMAYA is the thought of DEEPAWALI ( the row of light),  means from darkness towards lightness. Light is giving feeling of happiness and optimism, while darkness giving fears and sadness. Our inner light gives us happiness and prosperity, spreads positive vibrations for everyone. This is the festival of […]

Diwali Festival Week

Dear friends, Sometimes I am surprised that how much our ancestors (RISHIS, MAHARISHIS) were intelligent that they arranged each festival according to the nature, according to moment of  the sun, moon, according to weather and climatic changes and conditions. They established a wonderful system of celebrations for happiness in our life. Each festival is having[…..]

Navratri Meaning

Navratri means nine forms of cosmic feminine energy, one of the most important and celebrated festivals is dedicated to Mother Durga. This is the period when our biological cycles  go through changes. The  cosmic  femine energy is worshiped during this. We should performs rituals like yagyas, puja, havan  etc to purify our body and mind. Keeping fast and consumption of sativk food ,[…..]

Pitra Paksha 2021

Pitra Paksha 2021 is beginning from 20 September and will end on 6 October (16 lunar day) It is believed that during this period the grieving souls of the deceased return to earth to see their family members. Pind Daan is performed to attain salvation. Pitra Paksha is an occasion to pacify the departed ancestors by[…..]