Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world.
The city has become my home. It is located on the banks of the sacred river Ganges. At the foot of the mighty Himalaya

Early morning. 5:00. It’s still dusk. I’m going to meet the dawn on the Ganges. Nice morning coolness. The fresh breeze invigorates. Time stood still, in anticipation of the rising of the majestic luminary.

Magic minutes. I am in another, transcendental dimension. Goodness and harmony fill the mind and body. The worries of this world are far away. Only the greatness of nature and the sound of the waves of the Ganges. It sounds like live music. The stars are still twinkling. As if beckoning me to them. They want to say something. I feel a divine connection with them. After all, I have been studying their influence on the fate of people for many years.

Gradually, the first rays of the sun appear over the horizon. Beams of hope for all life in this world.

The birds begin to greet the new day with all their voices. They flutter happily here and there. I am inspired by their free and light flight. Birds also have problems, but they don’t think about it. Have you seen a bird that sits on a branch and is sad from loneliness? Suffering: why am I not married?
They live naturally. Nature organizes everything for them.
Likewise, people should trust the process of life. Don’t be led by your problems. Accept the challenge of fate! Solve your problems and move on!

But this is not always the case. And you need a guide. And if you feel like you’re stuck, don’t waste your time! Write me a private message. Describe your problem, task. Which has now sharply stood before you. And I will answer how I can help you solve it.

The heart is filled with causeless joy! This place has incredibly strong positive energy! I absorb it with all my being.

I come into contact with the Ganges, I enter its waters. At first, the body is constrained by the cold, but then! I feel – she embraces me with her tender love and purity. As if in childhood I was on the lap of a loving mother. Free, protected from all fear and anxiety!

The atmosphere itself pacifies me. Gives inner strength. Helps me find balance and stability in my life.

I try to convey this feeling of purity and goodness during consultations. May harmony reign in the life of each of you!


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