Pitra Paksha 2021

Pitra Paksha 2021 is beginning from 20 September and will end on 6 October (16 lunar day)

It is believed that during this period the grieving souls of the deceased return to earth to see their family members. Pind Daan is performed to attain salvation. Pitra Paksha is an occasion to pacify the departed ancestors by performing Shradh.  

According to our scriptures, there are three debts called Deva, Rishi and Pitra. During Pitra Paksha we offer food and water to fulfill our ancestors who  are visiting our planet Earth during those 16 days. As a tribute and tradition, we perform Pitra Kriya on Pitra Paksha and deity acts after Pitra Paksha. When we follow this order then good results will be obtained from the deity worship. Pitra bestows progeny (generation), saturti (happiness), and sampath (wealth). So this afterlife ritual is very important. 

Purnima Shraddha20th September 2021 (Monday)
Pratipada Shraddha21st September 2021 (Tuesday)
Dwitiya Shraddha22nd September 2021 (Wednesday)
Tritiya Shraddha23rd September 2021 (Thursday)
Chaturthi Shraddha24th September 2021 (Friday)
Panchami Shraddha25th September 2021 (Saturday)
Shashthi Shraddha26th September 2021 (Sunday)
Saptami Shraddha28th September 2021 (Tuesday)
Ashtami Shraddha29th September 2021 (Wednesday)
Navami Shraddha30th September 2021 (Thursday)
Dashami Shraddha1st October 2021 (Friday)
Ekadashi Shraddha2nd October 2021 (Saturday)
Dwadashi Shraddha3rd October 2021 (Sunday)
Trayodashi Shraddha4th October 2021 (Monday)
Chaturdashi Shraddha5th October 2021 (Tuesday)
Sarvapitru/ Mahalaya Amavasya6th October 2021 (Wednesday)


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