Ganesh Chaturthi

Once the deity was surrounded by many calamities. Then  they came to Lord Shiva seeking help. At that time Kartikeya and Ganesha were also sitting with Shiva (sons of Shiva). Hearing the words of the deities, Shiva asked Kartikeya and Ganesh, who among you can remove the sufferings of the gods. Then both Kartikeya and Ganesh declared themselves capable for this task.

On this, Lord Shiva took the test of both of them and said that the first of you two who come around the earth, he will go to help the gods. On hearing this word from the mouth of Lord Shiva, Kartikeya sat on his vehicle peacock and went out to circumambulate the earth, but Ganesha got into the thought that if he would climb on the mouse and circumambulate the whole earth, it would take him a lot of time. .

Then he got a solution. Ganesha got up from his place and sat back after circumambulating his parents seven times. On returning after circumambulating, Kartikeya started calling himself the winner. Then Shiva asked Shri Ganesh the reason for not circumambulating the earth.

Then Ganesha said – ‘All the worlds are at the feet of the parents.’ Hearing this, Lord Shiva ordered Ganesha to remove the troubles of the gods. In this way Lord Shiva blessed Ganesha that whoever worships you, will become free from the obstacles and can enjoy the material and spiritual gains.


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